Our Missionaries

  • Kent Anderson - Rural MN
  • Donovan & Kathy Barron - Sensitive Area
  • The B Family - Israel
  • BGMC (Children’s Missions)
  • Jonathan Brown - Urban
  • Jonathan Cooper - Kenya
  • Edilson Dalbllo - Brazil
  • Hope (Women’s Missions)
  • JF - Israel
  • Anna Foster
  • Corey Kautz - Columbia
  • Michael Lawrence - Columbia
  • Light for the Lost (Men’s Missions)
  • Oasis Wells for Africa
  • James W Ozias Jr - Glbl Unv
  • Kurt Plagenhoef - Albania
  • Jessica Riner- Youth Alive
  • The S Family - Asia
  • Doug Samuelson
  • Speed The Light (Youth Missions)
  • Billy Thomas Jr.- Chi Alpha
  • US Maps

Outreach Programs

Feed the Sheep

Feed the Sheep

The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, a group of volunteers puts on "Feed the Sheep" to help feed those in need. Our church van goes out into parts of Perry where there is need, and picks up families and individuals where they are served a hot home cooked lunch, hear the Word, Worship and get to know church volunteers.

We offer several outreaches for children, youth and our community each year.

Psalms 91:2